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Connections with Ashley: Customer Service Takes Center Stage

Ashley Harvey | Marketing Manager | Zerion360

How impor2013-272435_lowtant is customer service to your business? Based on a recent poll by American Express – it should be a top priority. 66% of customers are willing to spend more with companies who provide superior customer service. And when it comes to a negative experience – 55% of  customers have bailed on a transaction due to bad service.

Customer service isn’t an important factor for just retailers – it is an important aspect for every type of business. Great customer service is key in setting your business apart and not only attracting new business but retaining current clients. Potential customers are coming to you better equipped than ever. With quick access to information on the internet – potential clients are able to conduct their own research without any interaction with sales teams. This change in the sales and leads model means your business needs to find alternate ways to stand out. Great customer service is key – it shouldn’t be left up to a friendly receptionist or separate department either. It should be integrated throughout the entire enterprise. Every employee, every interaction with customers should exude the fact that your company holds customer service in high esteem.

Bottom line is great or bad customer service both make lasting impressions on clients – great customer service however will turn lasting impressions into sales, good reviews and referrals, and better business relationships. With the swiftly changing world of business – can you afford not to incorporate superior customer service?

How is your company stepping up its’ customer service game?

First in a four part series examining how small businesses can incorporate better customer service. 

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