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Connections with Ashley: Mobility – The Next Frontier in Business


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Mobile Access to Business Applications Will Drive the Next Wave of User Adoption Increasing Customer Engagement, Satisfaction, and Loyalty with Mobility

According to a recent report by Forrester Research, only one-third of businesses have a clearly defined mobile strategy. However, the research also showed that 70% of firms will increase their mobile budget, with one in four companies doubling or tripling their mobile budget. Firms said they see mobility as a way to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty – not as a way to generate direct revenues. Over half (52% of firms) see increasing customer engagement as their number one mobile goal.  So what is going to drive the adoption of mobile solutions in 2014 and beyond?

Research suggests that giving users access to business applications and business processes is the key area that will drive adoption of mobile devices in small and medium-size businesses – this is really where the next wave of adoption will be seen. Mobile e-mail and calendaring are currently the main uses of mobile devices, but once end users have access to their line of business applications, such as those from SAP, businesses will really begin to see a return on investment from equipping their people with Apple iPads and iPhones as well as other mobile devices from vendors such as Microsoft and RIM. Already users of the SAP® Business One application, the SAP application for small and midsize businesses, can have access to these solutions: SAP offers the mobile application for SAP Business One as a free download from the Apple App Store for professional users of SAP Business One. Access to workflow approvals, customer data, and inventory information, as well as rich graphical reporting from the SAP Crystal Reports® family of offerings, are all features of the new mobile application. When small and midsize organizations combine this access with the use of  mobile business intelligence tools from the SAP BusinessObjects™ portfolio, they can really begin to profit from these devices.

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