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Dear SAP – Combing Through Data is Dragging Us Down

Dear SAP – Combing Through Data is Dragging Us Down

DVP0111811Dear SAP,

My teams are cautious.They don’t want to make a decision unless they’ve combed through every last piece of data. I appreciate their attention to detail, but I don’t want to miss opportunities either. Is there a way to get the answers I need faster, without sacrificing precision?

– Dragging

Dear Dragging,

If you’re looking to shave time from your processes, consider looking at ramping up the speed of your business management software.

SAP Business One is designed to support all your critical business functions – from sales and customers to accounting and finance. It also has add-ons built for your industry-specific needs.

And when powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business One can process and analyze vast quantities of data up to 100,000 times faster than traditional relational data base systems.

As a result, your teams can base their decisions on real-time data – not stale spreadsheets. Plus they can quickly generate all the reports they need without IT support. Which means you can spend more time benefitting from your insights – and less time waiting for them.



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