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Doing Business on the Cloud

Doing Business on the Cloud

People working at casual officeChances are – you’re already doing business on the cloud. From accessing productivity apps such as Evernote, or using cloud video conferencing platforms such as Google Hangouts. But what are the benefits to choosing an ERP system in the cloud? There’s quite a few actually:
No Need For an IT Team
For a lot of small and medium businesses, there’s not enough need to justify having an IT team on staff. Just because you don’t have someone on staff to integrate and manage an ERP system, doesn’t mean you have to go without. That’s one of the benefits to the cloud. You get the software, without the maintenance. Hosted solutions allow for full use of the product, just remotely accessed. So there’s no need to hire an IT team, the software company does it for you.
Quick Go-Live
If you’re a company that is integrating an on site solution into their business, than your timeline for having the new software go live is substantially longer than those who access it from the cloud. The cloud is a great option for those that want to get up and running fast.
Lower Costs
A cloud ERP solution is also generally cheaper than an on-premise hosted solution. This means access to the cost reducing and efficiency boosting benefits of ERP – without the big price tag. Of course, depending on your business and your needs, having a solution that’s hosted on-site might make more sense. But, if you’re looking for a way to incorporate proven ERP technology to boost your business performance and better manage your day to day quickly and at a lower cost – than a cloud option might just be the perfect fit.

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