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Five Ways You Can Put Your Customers First

Competition is tougher than ever, due in large part to higher customer expectations. After two years of difficult economic conditions—which have left an enduring impression—every dollar you earn will require greater effort and responsiveness. Customers expect as much value as possible for every dollar they part with. Your ability to gain an edge in the market will depend on how well you can connect with your customers and maintain their loyalty. The stakes are high. For small and mid-sized businesses, long without sufficient CRM capabilities to compete against larger companies, there are resources you can use to succeed. With SAP, you can implement the CRM features you need to protect your customer base and attain profitable growth. This starts with putting your customer first, and here are five ways you can accomplish that: 1. Identify opportunities: customer demand isn’t always obvious. Use your SAP CRM solution to identify cross-sell, up-sell, and upgrade opportunities. 2. Manage your pipeline: don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Increase responsiveness through better tracking and information management, and you’ll ensure that you have the most productive conversations with existing and potential customers. 3. Monitor service levels: look for trends and isolated incidents that could lead to bigger problems down the road and remedy them in advance. Take early action to keep your customers happy and protect your company’s brand. 4. Keep it all in one place: use centrally stored information and functionality to ensure that data is always accessible. Monitor employee performance, spot check business units, and identify opportunities for improved service or additional sales. 5. Get answers fast: use your SAP CRM solution to as a knowledge resource. Your customer care team can search for solutions to customer problems, remedying problems directly and quickly. A happy customer keeps coming back.

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