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The Importance of Mentors for Startups

The Importance of Mentors for Startups

2013-272435_lowAshley Harvey | Marketing Manager | ZERION360

In this day and age, startups are popping up faster than summertime weeds in our backyard. The market has become flooded with these new businesses – especially those founded and run by Millennials. While the influx of young entrepreneurs is bringing with it creativity and innovation, it is also highlighting a gap between the inexperienced business owner and the experience and know-how needed for business success. Weaved within the Millennial subculture of DIY-ers and entrepreneurial spirit is a need for mentorship and guidance. Mentors and programs that connect Millennial aged entrepreneurs with experienced business consultants is essential for the growth and stability of many new startups.

This wave of creativity and sheer will that dominates the Millennial culture lends itself well to innovation and new business ideas. But creativity and drive alone are not what build a business. Business savvy is a priceless commodity. Many young startups and entrepreneurs are starting out with an idea, a passion, a dream – but are unable to translate this into a successful and thriving business. Why? Because the elements that create a successful business, the right decisions that go into it – managing finances, hiring, navigating legalities and the corporate world – these are things that all businesses must foresee and plan for. A mentor or business consultant can provide direction – they can see the whole picture not just the passion and direct attention to important details of running a business.

Having a business consultant that you can communicate with and refer to for major decisions can prove to be priceless. As you grow they can help you decide the places to invest your assets, assess your strengths and weaknesses, streamline your goals, and help keep your business running efficiently. Consultants can also connect growing businesses with other experts and solutions in their fields.

Young startups should should make it a point to reach out and ask for help early on. Whether from already established small business owners, small business incubator groups, or for more personal and strategic advice; enlist the help of a business consultant. This age of startups and the drive to chase ones passion is no doubt an exciting and invigorating time that is changing the landscape of the business world – but many young Millennials still need help navigating the waters – making mentorship and business consultants who are focused in on these unique businesses a growing commodity.


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