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Is your company suffering from a lack of Communication?

People working at casual officeAshley Harvey | Marketing Manager | ZERION360

“Communication is key” isn’t just a phrase for marriage – it’s applicable to all aspects of life. Especially business. Communication flow within a company can either create a productive enviornment, or it can stifle it. When assessing your companies own communication climate, it’s important to remember to not view it from one angle. Managers may have a totally different perspective about the issues than their subordinates. Keep these points in mind in order to get a holistic view of your organizations current communication environment:

From the Top Down

How is communication organized in regards to flowing from the upper level down on to lower level employees? Are members of a team kept out of the loop often? Are subordinate employees able to accurately describe company goals, values, and happenings? If not, there could be a break in the chain on the way from the top, down.

From the Bottom up

Do employees feel comforatble and encouraged to share their opinions, feedback, and ideas? Make sure that the process by which employees can communicate with their managers and upper level board is spelled out clearly and that opinons from the staff are regularly solicitated. It’s this feeling of being able to be interactive and important that help boost employee morale and productivity.

Key Soft Skills

Delegating and being detail oriented are important skills for many professionals. But so are listening, facilitating meetings, and being able to communicate clearly and confidently. It pays to invest in soft skill development of employees as these are the foundation upon which most other skills are built. These skills also influence how co-workers interact with one another, employee satisfaction, productivity, and more.

Remote Workers

This lessons aren’t just for those with tangible offices – it applies to those working with remote workers as well – in fact the need for effective and clear communication increases with workers who commute virtually. Utilizing email, group hangouts and other technologies can help bridge the divide.


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