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Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Us!

We understand the amount of choices available on the market today for Enterprise Business Software, but we also understand where we stand as well! You may have heard it numerous times from us…we are PROUDLY partnered with SAP. And today you are in luck, we are going to show the top 10 reasons customers continue to choose us throughout the years.

SAP Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Us

Here is a quick insight to our “Top 10” –

  1. Leadership
    • SAP has expert solutions for companies of all sizes, Zerion360 provides a solution to the Small & Midsize companies.  (Beating out Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM)
  2. Innovation
    • SAP is known to innovate without disruption, which means everyday business continues while implementation of the software system occurs in a parallel form. (Our integrated solutions ensure innovative results)
  3. Focus
    • Our customers benefit from comprehensive industry expertise with software design and the alignment of Business Processes, for all departments. (Multi-industry support on a single platform) 
  4. Analytics
    • SAP is the industry leader in business analytics, helping companies transition to becoming a Data-Driven company, no matter what industry! (Recognized by Gartner as a leader in BI Platforms, Corporate Performance Suites, Data Integration Tools, Data Quality Tools)
  5. Mobility
    • We have the best-selling mobile enterprise application platform among enterprise application providers, so business can continue no matter where you are. (Market-leading mobile solutions will unwire your enterprise)
  6. Real Time
    • We deliver the “real” real-time enterprise through the most advanced in-memory technology – meaning all departments are always on the same page, at all times. (Empowering organizations to review segmentations, merchandising, inventory management, and forecasting information at the speed of thought)
  7. Value
    • SAP’s value management program is the most advanced effort of its kind… offer[ing] advanced business solutions along with dee–domain expertise and insights. (Value management helps companies run 2x more on time, 1.9x more on budget, and 1.6x more on value)
  8. Cost
    • We help to reduce your total IT cost so you can increase spending on innovation, not allowing IT operational costs consume the majority of company resources. (We help by having a 23% lower implementation service cost than our leading competitor)
  9. Support
    • Our SAP Enterprise Support brings a peace of mind to the business by offering 24×7 Service License Agreements, Fixed-Price Commitment, and End-To-End Support. (The full range of support options is tailored to allow business to run at any time of day or night, because we understand the importance)
  10. Choice
    • Finding the best fit software for your business is our sole focus, and we are the only provider that can deliver the highly specialized solutions you need… with the build-in versatility you want. (Zerion360 delivers even more choice – helping to get the complete software and business needs taken care of)


Make sure to download our info-graphic PDF for some great visuals below –


SAP Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Us

Knowing When You Have Outgrown Your Current Business Software

By Ashley Harvey

Marketing Manager at Zerion360

 If you’re finding yourself asking this question, it’s probably a good sign. As your business grows and becomes more successful, a higher burden will be placed on your current software to perform and accommodate this growth. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade? Here are some key indicators that your business software is buckling under the weight of expansion:

Transaction volume and complexity of business

As the number of transactions you process increases, the ability for your current software to keep up may be decreasing. The inability to keep up with your business will result in an increase in the time it takes to enter in and process transactions as you work to accommodate the system. It should be the other way around – make sure the software you choose accommodates you and your businesses’ increases in sales and volume. Another key indicator is if your business needs to track and handle tasks that are industry specific or not completely handled by simple out-of-the-box software. Business software that can be optimized to custom fit your needs will save you time and money in the long run.


How much time is your business spending keeping its books? How long does it take you to complete and compile year end tasks? Beyond accounting, how much time is spent on redundant data entry? As any small business owner can contest to, time is incredibly valuable. If your current software isn’t meeting all your business needs you’ll find yourself spending more time on managing information and files – which could be a sign it’s time to switch.

 You need integrated systems that give you a 360 degree view of your business

Nowadays there a tons of add on packages, websites, and mobile tools that allow you to fill in the gaps with software such as QuickBooks. While QuickBooks manages your accounting, these add-ons can help manage your CRM, inventory, and other business needs. These tools are great solutions for smaller companies – but what they fail to do is enable you to have all the information relevant to your business in one place. Making sure you and your team have access to all necessary information, being able to extract and use this data whenever and wherever you may need it, and enabling you to have an overall perspective of the business and its processes will inevitably:

  • make the business run more efficiently
  • increase productivity
  • help make quicker and better informed decisions
  • give you a better system for managing growth and success that will grow with your company.

Small business solutions such as QuickBooks and accompanying add-on resources are great options for businesses that are just starting out. They give affordable, out-of-the-box options that allow people to have access to the necessary tools to grow and manage their enterprises. However, as success brings an increase in transactions, customers and other aspects to manage; these starter options are easily outgrown and unable to accommodate the growing needs and complexities of many businesses.


Let us know your experience and opinions – feel free to connect with us and comment below.



Use ERP to Move Your Company Forward

Everybody’s looking for an edge—probably because they’re so hard to come by. In today’s business environment, it can be challenging to find a competitive advantage. When you do, you can bet it won’t last long. You have to remain vigilant, therefore, always keeping an eye on the market and your business for the opportunities that can propel your organization to the front of the pack. To do this, you need an intimate familiarity with every corner of your company: this starts with your ERP solution. ERP has typically been a difficult proposition for small and mid-sized companies. The cost and complexity are high—both up front and on an ongoing basis. Thus, an elevated hurdle rate makes target ROI levels tough to attain. Bring the hard- and soft-dollar costs down, though, and it becomes a powerful tool for fueling profitable growth. With a robust ERP solution, such as SAP Business One, small and mid-sized companies can automate business processes, monitor operations, and optimize their financial supply chains—all of which contributes to wider margins, supports cost savings, and facilitates strategy execution. Further, the data collected enables carful and continual analysis based on the specifics of your company. You can learn more about what works and where your company could improve in order to gain additional advantages. SAP Business One is designed for small and mid-sized businesses, offering important, integrated ERP functionality without the attendant cost and complexity. With implementation taking as little as six weeks, it’s possible to accelerate savings and returns while minimizing business disruption. In the end, you get a framework for maintaining a competitive advantage through continual improvement … without having to invest disproportionately or set unrealistic ROI objectives.