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The Case for Cloud

The cloud provides agility by allowing companies to quickly and cost-effectively deploy the solutions they require in the areas of their business that need them. Imagine that your company is expanding into a new market in Asia. It typically takes months to get the right functionality in place and integrated into the central system. With cloud solutions, that process is cut down to weeks, allowing you to get up and running quickly and capitalize on the market opportunity.

For small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), the cloud is the great democratizer. Until now, many SMEs felt enterprise technology was out of reach and instead deployed point solutions with custom integration. That slower IT adoption curve limited business growth, further inhibiting IT investment.

But no longer can larger companies hide behind their scale, because smaller companies are growing quickly and leveraging big-company resources via the cloud. Today, SMEs can deploy the robust functionality needed to govern their unique processes and support rapid growth, all via the cloud. Cloud solutions provide the agility to scale up IT resources without the long implementation cycles that may accompany on-premise investments.

by Raymond Homan, SAP

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