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The Cloud Revolution


Businesses are expected to increase their adoption of cloud services from 37% to 90% in the next 6 years. When we compare this to current social and business trends – it’s no surprise. The way we do business is changing. The number of remote workers is increasing. Companies are allowing for more flex time for their employees, allowing them to choose to work outside of the office on certain days. And the need for real time easily accessible data in this work anywhere, go anywhere type of world is higher than ever.

Many companies utilize cloud technologies with remote workers to keep them a part of the loop and build one cohesive business culture. From video conferencing to web design and more. All of these tasks can now be done on a cloud platform which allows all necessary team members to collaborate and innovate together – even if they happen to be in different time zones.

The cloud isn’t only beneficial for remote workers. A cloud based ERP system allows companies to take part in innovative, game-changing technology that they once thought was only for large corporations with the resources for an IT team. It also allows for on-the-go decision making with access to all necessary information wherever you happen to be.

There’s no doubt about it, cloud technology is an integrated part of how we do business today and will continue to be as we go forward.

Questions about cloud based solutions? Contact us to find out if the cloud is a perfect fit for your business.

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